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Looking For Old Friends


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Hi All


First time poster and a very recently returned player. I kno 😞  (hangs head in shame)


Tbh I wasn't aware the game was back but anyway......


I'm probably searching for a needle in a haystack, but back when I originally played I was a member of Paragon City protectors SG, and only got into the game initially after a bit of dabbling because a guy playing a DM/Regen scrapper by the name of Britanic basically took me under his wing to show me the ins and outs of the game.  Also I enjoyed a lot of TFs and other group content, with a Inv/SS Tanker named Meatball and a Rad/Rad (not sure if the 2ndary is right) Defender by the name of Cyberskin.


If anyone of u guys or anyone else remembers teaming with a MA/SR scrapper by the name of Captain Britain (for arounf 48 lvls) later changed to Britannic Justice then feel free to gimme a shout, would love a catch up and maybe some group content as I start to immerse myself in CoH homecoming

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