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Unintentionally issuing Supergroup invites


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Logged in this afternoon to see someone in Supergroup list who I had teamed with for an ITF this morning, this is the second time this has happened to me.

Asked how come he was in the SG and he replied he had an invite and accepted it.

There is only 2 of us that can invite people, only one of us was online (me) I know I didn't invite anyone and wouldn't we are a small SG of old friends.

Asked in Discord help channel but no one seems able to help so I am putting it in here.


How can I stop this from happening, is there some random combination of keys that I am hitting by accident?


I don't private chat to people  on teams all I do is buff them and give them the fortune buff, how am I somehow inviting them to our Supergroup?


Any help appreciated



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