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Dual Pistols - Swap Ammo issues


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The secondary modifiers from ammo types for Dual Pistols appear to be bugged.


All tests are conducted with the Pistols Power.


Without any ammo types toggled, a -DEF effect should occur. This behavior is correct.


With Cryo Ammo, the -DEF should not activate, and instead a movement and recharge slow should be applied. Currently, both the default and Cryo Ammo effect apply to the target.


With Incendiary Ammo, the -DEF should not active, and instead a DoT should apply. Both the default and Incendiary Ammo effect apply to the target.


With Chemical Ammo, the -DEF should not active, and instead a -DAM should. In this case, the -DAM does not apply nor does the Toxic damage, but the -DEF does.


This pattern has followed for the special effects of all tested powers (all but Suppressive Fire), with the exception of Hail of Bullets. HoB has the above behavior for Cryo and Incendiary, and Chemical is the same with the exception of it adding the Toxic damage.


Attached is a combat log and accompanying pictures.






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