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Body parts glitch


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Hi! I tried searching for this issue and couldn't find anyone discussing it, so apologies if this is a known / answered issue.

Starting on the 26th, I noticed I was ripping the legs off Arachnos spiders and beating them with it. Thought it was a really cool/fun glitch only in the one mission that wouldn't happen again. Got to playing again last night and my friend's brand new character was a disembodied head. Then I saw myself wielding my friend's tail and leg as a gun. When I went to the NPC Arbiter Howe, he was also a disembodied head and cape. (files attached for visual)


I have tried re-validating the files and tried 64-bit, 32-bit and safe mode and the issue is still happening. Unsure what next to try besides a complete re-install.


Any help appreciated! Thanks!




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