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Max (Dark Astoria contact) doesnt give reward table


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ok, I put in an in-game ticket and was asked to post it here instead.

while prepping to give more detail, I found on paragonwiki that unlike ALL the other Story Arcs in DA, Max doesn't give a reward table. so my initial complaint isn't vaild since this is how it was on live, BUT


1. I think that should be "Fixed" to give rewards the same as the other arcs in DA if you do all 4 missions. I understand that one would need to complete 4 missions to get the reward instead of skipping to the end and just doing 1 mission. same effort, same reward.


2. I think there is still a bug though in that if I do rescue all 3 villans to help me, the text doesn't show correct. when not completing all 3 rescue mission, your text should state something like "ok, we got our help, now lets take down the knives" but for the final mish it still shows text that makes it appear that I didn't rescue all of them. it still states "We've got our boys to rescue, Character. Or, you can skip straight to the end, if you're thinking you can cowboy this thing and do it on your own."


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