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The Castaways (New VG concept/plot/brainstorming thread)

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So one of the biggest challenges to immersive roleplay in CoX is the idea of continuity.  The problem is that while the story narrative in the game does move on the game world for the most part doesn’t actually change.  For example you might retake Fort Darwin, but as soon as you finish that mission has finished it is still in longbow hands.  Also isn’t it weird that everyone and their dog has done the same specific job for the same contact, and so on.  Obviously this is because the game has been developed for everyone to experience so if you do in-game stuff IC you either do it as part if your own private continuity or re-skin the details in someway.


Another problem for roleplayers is the idea of continuity slips, where a character makes an IC claim that conflicts with your own or other characters continuity.  There is IC ways to incorporate or dismiss these ideas (“I call BS”/“Poor deluded soul”/ That was more of a raid than a full blown invasion”, etc.), but what if there was a way where you could IC not worry about anything and even take it all on board if you like?  Then it dawned on me you can!


So the idea behind this thread us to brainstorm a new tounge-in-cheek RPVG (well probably more likely Rogues) that embraces the idea of roleplaying in a broken continuity.


My idea is a Rogue Ouroboros Mender sick of waiting for the Coming Storm, etc decides to hit the timestream for good times personal gain, etc.  Along the way he meets other like minded time travellers, refugees from other timezones, people he forgot to put back and has a series of adventures with them (think Time Bandits, Legends of Tomorrow, the Exiles, etc). 


Unfortunately somewhere along the way someone did something bad which broke the timeline causing a cosmic event known as a Chronophase.  These Chronophases are essentially where events might repeat, events from alternate realities phase in and happen in our own, etc.  This helps explain the IC idea that Statesman is dead, but also in Independence Port,  narratives not moving forward, DFB ad-infinitum, etc.


The VG know the timestream is broken but can’t remember what caused it.  Additionally as all members were somehow involved in the original Chronophase event they have been dislodged from continuity and perceive many of the irregularities where others might not (Protects others IC continuity also makes me think Castaways being a good VG name).  Additionally while they realise it is probably a good idea to find out what happened and repair some of the damage the fractured reality has opened up a number of opportunities for personal gain.  Therefore while the group would have a main plot their day to day stuff can be simply stealing s***, hooking up with classic Hollywood babes, historical souvenir collecting, etc.


Now as much as it pains me I don’t actually have enough game time to run a VG,  however I am quite willing to let someone else take the helm and put it together.  As for myself I have a toon who can join the group and help with plotting, but I think leadership belongs with someone who can devote significant game presence.  Not only that I even reserved the name Clockwatcher on Everlasting which I would give up to someone who potentially might want to use it as the Rogue Mender who originally kicked things off.


Anyway I have waffled on a bit.  Ideally I would like people to discuss if they’re interested in joining, concept characters, plot ideas, and of course find someone to actually lead the group.

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