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Welcome back to Smol KB! It's that time again! This time with a couple of additions 🙂


Are you a new or returning PvPer? Never PvP'd before but would like to learn? Come on out to Smol Kickball hosted in Pocket D on Indomitable (the unofficial PvP server). The purpose of Smol Kickball is to provide a welcoming environment to casual and experienced PvPers to have fun, compete, and share knowledge in a low-stakes setting. 


For new and returning PvPers: We will help you learn all of the basic skills you need to dive into your first kickball night such as PvP specific builds, helpful macros & binds, and the basics of target locking, spiking, evasion and inspiration management. For a primer on how kickball is ran, please refer to this very handy-dandy guide created by @Xhiggy:




The Basics:


Two experienced PvPers will be selected as Captains of Blue and Red teams each round and draft from a pool of players in the Green Team. Players that are not drafted will get priority selection in the following round so no one will sit out two matches in a row. 


A 10 minute match will take place on a predetermined map using only small inspirations and with movement suppression and heal decay turned off.


After each round, we will take time for people to ask questions and get advice before starting the next match.


Prizes and Contests: To keep in spirit with the light-hearted nature of Smol KB, there will be several mini-contests that will take place as the night  goes on. We will be on the look-out  for best costume and best character biography throughout the first half of the night. As well as a few clutch players.


Prizes will be available each round for the following categories: 


Support Players (Playing support is difficult as it is and should always be awarded)


Raffle Prizes each round to a random participant (To include Green Team players that were not drafted)


*New* Smol Contributor Award (Awarded each round by the winning captain to a stand out player on their team)


*New* FFA Winner (Overflow players who don't make it into main matches compete in a free for all)


Potential prizes include: Reward Merits, Booster Packs, IO sets and Special name titles on the Homecoming PvP and Smol KB discords.


For Veteran PvPers: Smol KB isn't just for newbies. We encourage Veteran PvPers to participate and provide mentorship. If you are an experienced target caller, support player or just have good general advice to share, please come out to play! The matches may not be as competitive as regular KB nights or scrims, so keep that in mind if you aren't hearing everyone lock or a newbie target caller isn't calling 60 targets a match. If you are interested in helping out with being a designated captain or target caller, please reach out to @Smallz or @Void in game or on discord. 


Date: Friday, February 21st, 2020

Time: 6PST/9EST 


See you there!


Link to Smol KB Discord: https://discord.gg/kHZ6nsc

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Hey everyone - new Smol KB date and time listed below! Due to the time zone change, I've updated the times for this Saturday. GMT will start an hour earlier. See you there! 🙂 


Date: Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Time: @ 6 PM GMT / 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

Server: Indom

Place: Pocket D, above the monkey cages 

Edited by GM Smol
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