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Scrapper ATOs set bonuses lost when using Rending Flurry


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I had no responses in the scrapper forum when asking if anyone else experiences this, so I am posting his here.


My savage melee / shield defense scrapper is experiencing an odd bug where every time I execute rending flurry on a target, I will lose all set bonuses from Scrapper's Strike or Critical Strikes including the global IO bonus; both sets seem to exhibit the same behavior.  The bonuses disappear from the powers tab under personal info and from combat attributes.  The set bonuses also disappear upon reaching five stacks of blood frenzy, even before executing rending flurry.  With my limited testing on the beta server, it seems that purple sets, regular sets, winter sets do not have the same behavior in rending flurry, only the scrapper ATOs.  The only way to recover the set bonuses is to either wait several minutes (haven't timed it) or zone, at which point getting five stacks of blood frenzy or using RF on a target will make them disappear again.  More weirdness: on the beta server there seems to be something odd going on with slotting IOs into rending flurry if the power was recently executed in the same zone.  If I were to use RF on a target, use unslotters to swap out enhancements with another set, and then zone, all the changes I had made would be undone.


Can anyone else with savage melee on a scrapper and with ATOs slotted in Rending Flurry confirm this behavior?



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