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Issues + Arcs for your Characters (Discord Link Inside)


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(I don't if this is the right place to put this but it's an RP focused thing so I figure this is fine. If not feel free to move it and sorry for the inconvenience.)

To clarify before I get into it:
Arcs = Multiple Issues into a singular quest line leading to a final Goal, Climax or Development
Issues = Missions with their own Goals, Climax's and Developments but to a lesser extent.

To give an example, the hardest thing someone will fight in an Issue, will be a Boss with maybe a rare elite boss once and a while. The hardest thing teams will fight in Arcs will be Arch-Villains with Elite Boss Assistance and the occasional Giant Monster. To simplify it, Issues would be Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, etc. Arcs would be the entirety of the MCU movie series leading up to Infinity War.

Hello all, I've recently had an idea that could potentially be really cool and engaging for a lot of folks willing to participate in it. The Idea is that I would create 2 Supergroups, one for Heroes and one for Villains, and utilize the AE and various PvP zones to create "Issues" and "Arcs" for characters in those groups, these would be missions specifically tailored for them and their backgrounds, with other members being able to help them in said "Issues" and "Arcs". There would also be "Team Issues", "Team Arcs", "Opposing Issues", and "Opposing Arcs". Team Issues/Arcs would be Issues and Arcs Tailored for that Supergroup as a whole, similar to Avengers vs Thanos, or Teen Titans vs H.I.V.E. Five. While you could solo a regular Issue/Arc made for someone, with playing with the person it's tailored for being a bonus and/or playing with others if it's tailored for your character specifically, Team Issues/Arcs would be highly recommended to take on with a team, and would progress the "Storyline" for the entire Supergroup as a whole. Opposing Issues/Arcs would be storylines tailored for the Hero supergroup and Villain supergroup going against eachother in PvP zones with limitations depending on the context ("No IO/DO/SO/TO's", "Only 6 Powers Allowed", "No Movement Abilities" etc, for example) and would progress the storyline for both groups.

There would be a group of Leaders for each group, no singular leader in either, and depending on what happens with those characters Issues/Arcs, or the Team/Opposing Issues/Arcs, characters in both groups, whether they be leaders or not, could be Promoted, Demoted, or even Switch Sides. The same goes for me, my characters would not be "confirmed leader no matter the situation" in either group. It could even get to the point where none of my characters are in a leadership position at all. My purpose would be to organize and write Issues and Arcs, alongside my own RPed agendas with my character in the groups themselves. And in special regards to Opposed Issues/Arcs, those would be a bit more rarer, and would be a one, maybe two, time event at a scheduled time on a scheduled date, of which is agreed upon by all those wishing to participate/able to participate character wise (since some characters might not be able to participate for RP reasons.)

I myself would be a dedicated writer, but anyone willing to volunteer their literary skills could also become a writer to write Issues and Arcs for characters as well. As it's voluntary though, no-one would be forced to write an Issue/Arc for your character, but every character will get one at some point, no one would be left out. If you do decide to participate in this but are not a writer, please keep this in mind alongside the fact that this kind of thing takes time, rushing and harassing will not be tolerated.

Of course as a pair of RP focused super groups, you could also go off and do your own RP with or without eachother, there's no obligation to only be RPing with those from these 2 groups either.

Included for being a writer would be a 2 prong proofreading system to make sure that the characters Issue/Arc is something agreeable with the characters creator. This means that, first an Outline for that Issue/Arc would be written down and decided on, then this would be shown to the characters creator, to make sure it's agreeable with what they like/want for their character, if not then it'll be adjusted until it is, but if this process takes too long then the Writer will move onto the next person. Afterwards if it's okayed by the characters creator, then a bare bones proof of concept AE mission/series of missions will be made, alongside (if needed) concepts of unique Enemy Groups and Villains/Heroes. This POC (Proof of Concept) will be shown to the creator, and if okayed, then the Writer will begin working on making the Issue/Arc in it's entirety. Once finished an announcement will be made and that Issue/Arc will be available until, for example, the Writers AE slots are all used up and one needs to be freed.

If you're interested in participating in this, either as a Writer or as a Member, just let me know by posting in this thread! I understand that this is a big undertaking, and will be a hard and challenging thing to do, but i'd like to try, and anyone willing to participate in this grace period are highly welcome! I'd like to know your thoughts and opinions on this kind of passion project as well!

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