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Beast Run Breaks Cloth Physics on Small Characters


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I play a minimum height character that uses Beast Run in conjunction with the Jacket->Cybertech Long costume piece. I am sad because 90% of the time, my coat tail is stuck sticking straight out behind me or frozen in some other odd position. I've discovered that this only occurs on characters close to the minimum height, and also occurs on normal capes when using Beast Run with a minimum height character.

I've included some screenshots of a test character showing the "correct" physics for a trenchcoat on a standard height character, and the broken physics on a minimum height character for both styles of cape. I only used a Male model for these screenshots, but the same issue occurs on Female and Huge models as well.

Standard Height:



Minimum Height:

My guess is that the animation bones which control cloth physics do not get scaled properly for the Beast Run animations, and likely end up somewhere underground on smaller characters, causing the whole cape to "freeze" when the character is on the ground.

Strangely, being under the effect of certain group-wide AoE buffs seems to "fix" the problem. I haven't been able to narrow down which buffs these might be, but under certain conditions in teams the trenchcoat *does* work the way that it should. If anyone else has encountered this issue or knows more about it, please feel free to add to this topic.

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