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Fix odd -End values


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-end values in this game are in a weird place right now - for most power sets their endurance drain values are the same across ATs - power A will drain X end on both ATs Y and Z. This is true for almost all power sets and ATs - except for most support sets.


Not all though - cold affinity has consistent -end values on all of its powers across all ATs and not thermal radiation, in spite of both of them being introductory corruptor sets that were proliferated at the same time. Kinetics has different -end values despite being on two ATs on issue 0. Poison technically has the same values across ATs but its only -end source is on a pesudo pet so s h r u g.






As you can see, corruptors/controllers get 88% of the endurance reduction value in both cases, and mastermind gets 80%. Controller/Corruptor values for buffs/debuffs are mostly at 80% of a Defender, and Masterminds are 60% so I don't really know what their thought process was in balancing EndDrain. As far as I'm aware, there was an intent to make blasts (such as electrical blast) follow different values alongside support sets in issue 4 (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Issue_4#AT_Balance) but that doesn't seem to have ever gone through for blasts (and then way later when sentinels were made, their armor -end values were never downgraded).


As a wise comedian once said, "by all accounts it doesn't make sense." Given the general intent of the game is for defenders to have the highest values, and the overall meh state of -end, I suggest considering their current values as the "baseline" for the lowest valued AT with them (Sentinel for Blasts and Armor, I...think the melee powersets would be unaffected since melee ATs all have the same debuff values anyway and I see no reason why end drain would be any different?).


Overall results would be a buff to Energy Blast, Energy Aura, and Electrical Armor's endurance drain for non-sentinels (or a nerf to sentinels/buff to defenders across the board if blasters/melee armors are considered the norm, poor sentinels), a nerf to Cold Domination and Poison's -end for non-defenders, and a nerf to Electric Control's -end for Dominators. 



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