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Beast Run/Ninja Run break Outfit Physics on Very Short Characters


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So before I actually made this post, I went to test a few things just to see if I was crazy or not. Here's what I found.


On short characters -- as in, you go minimum height bar on a normal body type (only tried for male), outfit physics will beak when you use beast/ninja run. Capes, trench coats, any dangly cloth bits will seemingly freeze up in place for several moments or even permanently until you turn the run off. 


I tried this with a normal sized character, everything worked fine. On a short stack min-slider though, broken as can be.


This bug is also visible to other players, not client side. Checked it with a friend of mine.

If anyone wants me to show them in game, feel free to give me a poke @Sirris


In these pictures you can see my character's bottom half of his trench coat having basically anti-gravity, even though he is standing still. Stood next to a vendor for size reference.




Posted here as per request of GM Widower

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