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Easy way to get Infiltrator Badge needed for Crey CBX-9 Pistol/Stolen Immobilizer Ray


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Go to Ouroboros and select the flashback arc category "Vindicator (Level 35-39)" then select "Revenant Hero Project". The first mission will have at least 1-2 per pack but this can still take quite a while especially if solo since you need 200 of them. If you keep going through the story arc you will eventually get to a part titled "Find Paragon Protector's Evidence". This mission will ONLY have the paragon protecters needed for the badge so every  single mob will count towards the Infiltrator badge. If you set your notoriety to -1/x8 you can finish the accolade in 1 run. There will be tons of paragon protectors. If you rush through the missions and only kill when you have to it shouldn't take you long to get to the mission i listed. Just make sure you set your notoriety to the easiest setting then ramp up the amount of enemies in the mission once you get to the correct one. And this is on hero side not sure if same mission is available through villian side.

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