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Raptor Pack Gone


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I submitted a bug report and GM Crumpet emailed me back and asked me to post a new topic as they hadn't seen this bug before. I completed the Mayhem Mission in Port Oaks "Rob Atlas Park Bank". When the mission was completed I got the ding and rewards including the "Raptor Pack" temporary power. I moved the icon to a more convenient slot on my power bar and then a group of PPD mobs attacked me. When the fight was over I hit the exit mission button and zoned back to Port Oaks. I was about to fly over to the Broker to turn in the mission when I noticed the Raptor Pack was gone from the tray. I looked under "Powers" and it was not there either. I then submitted the bug report. After that I logged out to spend a name change token, When I logged back in, the Raptor Pack was back. So problem solved, and if anyone contacts y'all about this issue in the future tell them log out to the character select screen and log back in and it will hopefully reappear.

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