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Question about Shrouded Badge


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So I have completed all missions from Maria Jenkins and did not receive Shrouded badge. (so no portal jockey for me.)




After further investigation; I came to the conclusion that the mission which awards the badge Disrupt Nightstar's ritual no longer exists, heck it's even removed from the list of Maria Jenkins missions.


There is no such mission by name. the closest is "Take down Nightstar", was this a replacement? why does it not award the badge?


there seems to be another mission which is supposed to use the same map and thus award the badge, however that mission appears to involve rikti in their base so I doubt it's the same map and doubt it awards the badge. besides I'd have to do a big string of missions to get to that one.. so..


what am I missing? on the wiki it says you have to stay on the nightstar map for any amount of time and if not it'll give you shrouded on exit. is there a specific amount of time I need to be on map? if so how long?


otherwise how can I get this badge?


Edit; I'm going to reattempt to get the badge through ouro (if I can).

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