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A Tanker's Dream by Good Perogies


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Oh!I wish I was a controller,

Trolling all around.

Instead I am a tanker,

Trudging on the ground.


Trollers cast magic spells

With light shows. Oh so bright!

A tanker just gets aggro,

And people itching for a fight!


Trollers relax and send out pets.

Then drink wine from finest crystal.

While the tanker toils and sweats,

And burps up beer when shot with pistol.


Trollers listen to Paganini

And savor the colors of spring and fall.

Tankers just read cheap graffiti

Written on the bathroom wall.


Some day I shall acend the heights,

And on my fingertip shall prance

The mobs enraptured by my spells;

They'll laugh and cry and dance

And no more toiling, pounding, sweating

On that endless roller coaster.

Instead I'll be forevermore,

A level 50 controller.

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