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Macro help costume change emotes for other things....

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So I've been trying to work out a way of using the dimension shift costume change emote with various teleport macros including the enterbasefrompasscode one.


The ideal solution would to have a teleport emote, preferably one that includes a flip out device!


So far, I've got it to work when i combine it with an actual costume change but once you are in that costume then it just reverts to a teleport with no emote.


A solution I considered was having two buttons and have two identical costumes so id fulfill the 'costume change' requirement, this is an inelegant solution that requires me to remember which was the last button i used.


Many thanks in advance.



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ZM WATCHTOWER, Geosynchronous Low-Earth Orbit, Lat 51.476852 Long -0.000500,

enterbasefrompasscode ZEROMERIDIAN-1121 

ZM Watchtower is for all heroes at all times, all we ask is that you set your visual scale  /vis_scale 10

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