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Can't get passed the Loading bar


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Hi guys,


Just after some help getting the game running if possible. 


I just bought a new PC. The first thing I obviously did was download tequila and the game files. Everything downloaded and I got the game to load to the username/password screen and then by mistake I knocked the PC's power switch and turned the PC off by accident.


I loaded the PC back up and everything was fine but I can't get the game to load passed the Loading bar that comes up after you click play on the tequila loader.


I tried deleting and reinstalling everything, following both methods in the forums (the first ones you come to and Silk's method). I deleted the regedit for tequila so I could rechoose the files location. I have revalidated the files. I have deleted and reinstalled at least 2 more times. I added the COH files as exceptions to my firewall. 


Still can't get the game to load up past the loading bar.


Can anyone help?

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