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Need some help with my build


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So my wife and I started playing back in March. I made a MM and she made a tanker. I made my MM without doing much reading, and choose Beast Mastery/Pain Domination. I figured from my experience in WoW and FFXI that you can never go wrong with heals. Alas, after doing some reading recently I'm beginning to realize that heals aren't always necessary in CoH.


With that said I'm not going back to make a /time or /traps, and I am not going back for robots or thugs, either. So I need to make the most of the powerset I have now. My plan is to take Hasten and go for a World of Pain -> Anguishing Cry -> Fortify Pack -> Painbringer type combo with the leadership buffs running. However, I recognize that this is going to be very End intensive. So I need 2 sets of recommendations. First I need to have an idea of what enhancements to slot on my powers to get good use out of everything. There are a literal crap-ton of choices out there and I need to figure out where to even start looking. Second I need some help with optional powers, is there anything truly outstanding that I should look at, some epic pool or out of the way extra that I can pick up as a one off to help this build along.


I have some free respecs and I can work on money as we finish leveling up, but I need to know what I'm looking for to even start figuring this out.

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