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Alignment change without null the gull.


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I was teaming with a friend last night and he showed me that he has the options to change his alignment tight on the interface under the"set notoriety", but he didn't know how it came about.  Could anyone shed some light if this is what we can do now? And how do I get to turn it on please?


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Doesn't look like something we have. 


Either it's a player mod I'm not aware of (and if so, that means that command-line arguments are sufficient to switch alignment, or the menu wouldn't be able to work), or it's a mockup of a menu (that doesn't function: I can make a QuickChat menu that has "Annihilate All Targets"... doesn't mean it'll work or do what it says.  If the command is actually "e dance", I'll just be dancing.)


Or the screen grab is not from Homecoming.  I'm not sure which server it is in that case.

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