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Mista Snax

An Alternative Way to Farm :mish #25280

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Greetings all, I


I Present to you a mission I created called Flying Death #25280 as a fun different way to farm.


I've been experimenting with hover farms for a while and have come up with a couple of interesting mission concepts that actually work really well. I borrowed alot of elements from Twisted Visage's mission #18553


Basically its a Hover farm. the enemies in the mission have no ranged attacks (technically they do but it only hits grounded opponents) which allows any person flying above them to attack freely with ranged attacks. you can also get close enough to used PBAOE attacks such as soul drain.


I've found that its a good and fun alternative to traditional fire farming and I think you all would like it to.


So far my fastest run doing this farm was 4 mins 37 seconds using a Water/TA corruptor again +4+8 with bosses


Some Pros to this mish:


You can Enjoy with Brutes or Ranged toons because the melee attacks are fire other than entangle

you can solo with any ranged toon at any lvl so long as you have a jetpack or hover and some AOE attacks

easy to PL a lowbie because the just need a jetpack as not to be seen by patrols.

A good build specifically for farming this mission doesn't require an immense amount of influence to build



Entangle does smash/lethal damage so some fire brutes will have a hard time

without some slows or CC you will have enemies running around alot.



If anyone wants to see me run it or need Pointers on trying it out or what builds I've found work best just let me know and I'll be happy to show anyone on Indomitable Server in game. I'm


@Mista Snacks

@Mista Snacks 2

@Mista Snacks 3




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