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Scrapper MD/FA (new player)


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Hi all  :)


New player here,

I have never played CoH before but got the link on discord to check it out, so far i'm having a great time but hot darn its confusing :)

Anyways i heard scrappers are a good place to start for newb so i've taking but rerolling alot of scrappers trying to figure out whats what, reading reddit posts and checked discord.


I have no idea what IO's and all the abbreviations means but i downloaded Pines to read up on some skills, and i think i came up with an ok plan. I skipped Shadow Maul as i've seen alot of people sayint to stay away from that skill.


Any advice or input would be greatly appriciated.


Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.962



Click this DataLink to open the build!


Scrapper MD/Fire : Level 49 Magic Scrapper

Primary Power Set: Dark Melee

Secondary Power Set: Fiery Aura

Power Pool: Leaping

Power Pool: Flight

Power Pool: Gadgetry

Ancillary Pool: Blaze Mastery


Hero Profile:

Level 1: Shadow Punch -- Empty(A)

Level 1: Fire Shield -- Empty(A)

Level 2: Blazing Aura -- Empty(A)

Level 4: Healing Flames -- Empty(A)

Level 6: Smite -- Empty(A)

Level 8: Combat Jumping -- Empty(A)

Level 10: Siphon Life -- Empty(A)

Level 12: Hover -- Empty(A)

Level 14: Temperature Protection -- Empty(A)

Level 16: Plasma Shield -- Empty(A)

Level 18: Dark Consumption -- Empty(A)

Level 20: Consume -- Empty(A)

Level 22: Nano Net -- Empty(A)

Level 24: Blaster Drone -- Empty(A)

Level 26: Soul Drain -- Empty(A)

Level 28: Burn -- Empty(A)

Level 30: Drone Barrage -- Empty(A)

Level 32: Midnight Grasp -- Empty(A)

Level 35: Fiery Embrace -- Empty(A)

Level 38: Jump Kick -- Empty(A)

Level 41: Acrobatics -- Empty(A), Empty(42)

Level 44: Ring of Fire -- Empty(A)

Level 47: Fire Blast -- Empty(A)

Level 49: Fire Ball -- Empty(A)




Thanks in advance  ;)


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To be honest with you, Shadow Maul is a good power if used properly, it's a decent cone that requires proper positioning but people don't bother and use it in their ST atatck chain, therefore is a dps loss if used incorrectly. DM is a great set but lacks AoE so, if you are going to skip the cone, you should make up for said AoE somewhere else. On the other hand, Shadow Punch won't do anything for you, it used ti be a great ST power until it got nerfed so it is totally skippable.


Note that gadgetry pool does not exist in game, it is just a project that never saw the light and, as far as i know, there are no plans to implement it. Jump Kick is another power you do not need. Granted the animation is one of the coolest but it is way too long for the pitiful damage it delivers. Instead of Gadgetry, I would recommend you Fighting Pool (Boxing/Kick are just to access Tough which will help you a lot making your Scrapper harder to kill, Weave is a choice only if you want to boost your defenses with set IOs).


You take Acrobatics too late in the build and it is also a skippable power since the KB Protection IOs (Karma KB Prot and Steadfast Protection KB Prot) cost only 20 merits each, you can allocate a Karma one in Combat Jumping and a Steadfast Portection in Temperature Protection hence you do not need Acrobatics.


Hasten is another power that will benefit you greatly, especially for your heals to activate often, as well as your main AoE Dmg Source, Burn (with Soul Drain to maximize its dmg).


Fire Ball is an excelent option plus, you can also slot Fire Blast and incorporate it to your ST attack chain to avoid gaps but Fire Ball should be taken at lvl 47 as the latest otherwise, it will be underslotted (lvl 49 power can only have the last 3 slots granted at level 50).


Also, if you slot your attacks with end reduction as well as your Blazing aura and the rest of toggles (your shields require end reduction to a lesser degree than attacks and Blazing Aura) you will not need both Consume and Dark Consumption (unless there are no better choices left towards the end of the build). My suggestion would be to take one of them and if later on you realize it is not enough (once decently slotted for end rdx) then take the other one. If you take both, I would not bother slotting them other than a recharge reduction IO on their default slot though.



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