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Can't connect to DBserver


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Downloaded this game a few weeks ago, had this issue and it seemed to have fixed itself without my fiddling with it. I can log in to the game, but once I pick a server I get the error code in the title. I have run the gambit of things to try. Tried allowing both tequila AND the CoH program through firewall/antivirus. Tried launching both programs as admin. Tried some port forwarding (which failed because I have no idea which ports to forward, and couldn't find that info anywhere). Tried assigning a new IP to my computer. Tried restarting my computer, running the game without firewalls or antivirus running, and without any background programs at all running. 


Nothing worked, and then my router went through a forced reboot for an update, and the game worked for a few days. I played for about 4 days, enjoy the game, made too many characters etc. Haven't had the time to play since, tried to log on tonight, once again "Can't connect to DBserver". 


Am I going to have to restart my router every time this problem rears its head, or is there a REAL fix I can implement. If so, I'd really love to know what it is so i can play this game.


Thanks a bunch!


P.S: Forgot to mention, Tried all 5 servers separately, got the same error on all 5 of them.  Also tried the test manifest for tequila.


P.P.S: Also apparently your security cert is out of date for tequila. 



Edit: Restarted router once everyone was in bed, it seems to have fixed the issue. so whatever the router is doing while restarting is the fix. if that helps.

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For some reason, your computer is unable to reach the Homecoming Servers.


If it's your ISP that is the cause, these forums wouldn't load either since we use the same service to host both the forums and the games.  Since you're able to post here, that isn't the case.  Common causes of this error include temporary Wi-Fi issues (if on a laptop or desktop using Wi-Fi, try an ethernet connection to rule out your home network as a cause.  If ethernet works, Wi-Fi is acting up.  If neither does, it might be a home network issue.)

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