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The last time I played City of Heroes was some time in 2006, I think, although it was so long ago that I don't remember it very well, nor do I remember most of my characters. I don't think I played very long; it was a very flighty part of my life, I hopped between MMOs a lot, and I had a lot of other things going on (I was 16, it was a crucial period for my education). I only have one surviving image of my old hero, and none that I can find of my villains, sadly, though I apparently have an old website on my hard drive that had the names of my main characters on it, and I think I might still have some art pieces. (Frankly, they could all do with a visual upheaval anyway. What was younger me thinking?)


I do remember being absolutely stunned by the character creator, and I still am, even if there's some bits and bobs that more modern games have spoiled me on by this point. It's still far more flexible than most MMOs. I also remember it was my first real experience of running group content in a modern MMO, and of trying to properly coordinate myself with others, when I'd be brought in to play with a group of friends as DPS (as I favoured Claws/Ninja Reflex Stalker, and probably still will!). I never got very far and I don't think I was necessarily good at the game either, but what I did play, I remember enjoying immensely, and the experience left an impression on me years later, even if I couldn't remember specific details of it.


I'm looking to get more involved in the community this time around, since I don't recall ever getting super involved before. No better time to change that than the present!

Hopefully I'll be a bit less shy about saying hi when I log in now, will learn more about the game and have it stick, and maybe even make some friends with this second chance.


(Though, if anyone does, by some miracle, remember The Leowulf, The Werewulf, Nightmare Facade or KAS-KA96... I'm very sorry :p)

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Welcome back!  I played from day one with a minor break in around 2006 which was around the time I met my husband (didn't want him to realize right away that I was a gaming junkie ;), and I was there of course the day the servers went dark. 


I so loved this game and am so happy to be able to play it again, for as long as it lives I think!


It's good to be back.

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