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Archery Tier 9 issues/bugs, inconsistent results


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 Posting this here now at behest of GM reply to issue report ticket in game.

Rain of Arrows appears to have been producing inconsistent total number of hits.  Sometimes it appears to only hit targets twice, sometimes three times.

The power reads as an auto hit on the self, and then in pet combat one can read the actual damage of the pseudopet created that does the actual damage.  This can yield odd results for agro, as you can throw the Rain of Arrows, and then use other effects before the arrows actually go off ("land") such as after using the Rain of Arrows the Archer can start a slow snipe like they aren't in combat.  This is likely "working as intended" due to current mechanics(making a pet which has agro, which only then goes to you when it dies after it delivers the damage), but is erroneous with actual gameplay logic.

Testing on packs of mobs the order in which the combat log registered the hits seems odd, in that streak breaker will proc for some hits in the chain but based on the hits that get rolled after it. (or there is a seperate roll done up front and then the individual attacks get a roll? There's at least one example of a single target getting multiple attack rolls registered in the log.

Range may play a component, as attempting to shotgun the volley down is giving more consistent total of 3 hits(shooting adjacent targets), but doing them at range seems to more often result in dual hits. Potentially pathing issues with placement of the pseudopet?

Attached screenshot of a section of the combat log, tried to space the shots out so timestamps can show different Rains.

Testing conditions are of a lvl 50+1 blaster against level 51 elite bosses in a custom AE mission (though i had first started noticing it in radio missions prior). I had this occur prior to getting an alpha slot (musculature t3 total radial revamp at time of testing. picking up interface didn't seem to make bug worse or go away.)

8:13 was against an adjacent mob pile of 4 (stationary staring at me) that i had built up from prior shots, which shows the 3 hit outcome. and an odd statement of streak breaker forcing a hit after two hits but before a miss. the attacks on the earlier volley at 8:11 had no misses.

8:17 shows against a ranged pair (2) av's where one gets hit 3 times and the other gets Missed (with somehow a different accuracy value than the other attack of 81% vs 95% that every other attack had? they're the same mob in a custom map i made with just EBs that have no attacks)

8:19 was against a ranged single target showing the dual hit scenario.

8:20 showing again the dual hit scenario against a ranged single target.

Possibly more of a balance feedback thing, but the proc rate for dmg procs also seems pretty low.  the power has 4 damage procs in it with only 23% local recharge slotted (from the blasters ATO proc, also having glad jav, posi blast, and bombardment) but i don't know if its going off of proper ranged attack aoe rates, toggle aura from pseudopet rates, or the fast cool down of a briefly existent pseudopet rates.

Willing to do more testing, if anybody wants just let me know what all i should do? Combat logs against piles of mobs getting chain rained?


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