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"Investigate Superadine ring" / Defeat Skulls / ...but only in Kings Row


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Contact: Juan Jimenez
Go to the streets and defeat a few Skulls


I want to know where the Skulls are getting the money and supplies they need to run their Superadine ring. Character, get on the streets and take down a few Skulls. We've got to get to the bottom of this.

Mission Acceptance

Take a few of these Flashbang Grenades. They'll disorient the Skulls.

Mission Objective(s)

Investigate Superadine ring
Defeat 10 Skulls





Note there is no mention of "in Kings Row" or any other specific location. The Skulls in ( Atlas Park | Hyperion Way | -1472.9 -0.5 -1370.4 ) don't decrement the counter.  Nor do defeats in the Hollows or Perez Park qualify.


Presumably, this would affect all level 5-9 Mutation contacts: Ron Huges, Juan Jimenez, Linda Summers


Suggestion: Update the text to specify King's Row.

Edited by Cherang
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