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Parks and Wreck Costume Contest - Doms/ Trolls


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The plants of Parks and Wrecks are holding a costume contest, while the SG is Dominators and (filthy) Controllers.   AT of such isn't required for it, {but doesn't hurt if you ask me, but I'm not planning on judging} So we did set a date of July 28 at 9:30pm EST in Kallisti Wharf for the costume contest, Right now we have at least 250 mil for the awards might be more by that time,  Right now we are looking for is plant theme and originality. Bio not required but might help in case of a tie.  By the by an all Plant/? team of Trolls & Doms can pretty much do anything.  screenshot_200701-00-08-45.thumb.jpg.d6c39f9049afcdb559ade60bde6904a7.jpg

Edit: Excelsior server

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We had a great time and thank everyone who showed up and showed off their costume.  I know we had a good time doing this, and seems decent for a small SG like ours.  

Parks and Wrecks is a plant themed SG of Doms and Controllers with primary of Plant.  We meet on Tuesdays at 9pm EST if you ever get the itch to give us a try.  



Our winners were, 1st Muck Man (225mil), 2nd N'Tangel (125mil), a tie for third with Horrorculturlist and White Clover (55mil).  Honorable mention of Old Hippy (10mil). 


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