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Global recharge not applied to any powers


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This report is about my level 50 Robotics/Electrical Affinity Mastermind, ELIZA-7E4. I do get a recharge bonus from my Agility Alpha ability, but the numbers here are with all Incarnate abilities unslotted and no toggles active.


I have 92.5% global recharge according to the Combat Attributes window. However, my powers without recharge enhancements have their base recharge times and those with recharge enhancements use only the slotted recharge reduction. E.g., [Empowering Circuit] and [Faraday Cage] have base recharge; [Power Boost] has 1m29s recharge with one 34.8% recharge enhancement slotted. I'm not exemplared or on an Ouroboros mission, as far as I know. This issue has persisted across multiple game sessions. I'm not sure when it started, but it's possible that I've never received my global recharge bonus.


Here's some math to support my claims about Power Boost. My powers without recharge slotted just have base recharge, so no math is needed to show that my global recharge doesn't apply there.


Power Boost base recharge = 120s

Enhancement bonus = 34.8%

Global bonus = 92.5%


Current value:

1/(1+0.348) ~= 74%

120s * 74% ~= 89s = 1m29s


Expected value:

1/(1+0.348+0.925) ~= 44%

120s * 44% ~= 53s


Power Boost is just an example; I have the same issue with all my powers. I have no idea what could be causing this issue!

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