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Lag and connection issues


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So I see that there were some issues with the databases and servers or something like that at the start of the month, and that this has since been cleared up?  However, this month has been a series of ups and downs for me.  It seems if I log in early or late, everything is just like it was.


However, after around 10am or so till roughly the same time in the evening (10pm-ish) trying to log in and play is a mess.  IF I can get it (often times I get to the select your server, click on everlast and get to sit and wait till it times out with a 'cannot reach the db server' error) to let me in the game, I spend the entire playtime in rubberband land.    That is a wee bit frustrating, as you can imagine.  The other error I run into with trying to log in is I dont even get to the select a server, I get a popup saying that it cannot reach the servers at all.  Yet the server status page says it is all up and running, and after 2-6 re-tries (hit the play button on tequila) it finally lets me get to the server page and everything there looks green.. so I roll the dice on being able to access the db server.  Not fun 😞


All that being said, I love the game and that it is back.. I just wish I could still play it without the lag and re-log attempts.


Oh, and a new one.. while zone'n today, I got the zone splash screen, and sat, and sat, and sat until it finally punted me back to the log in splash screen.


I'm running on a windows 10 system, much as I'd rather not be.  But none of these issues hit until you guys had the issues with the servers on your end.  Since then, blah.  I've tried re-instals, I've flushed dns, I've tried it with VPN on and off, etc.  Same stuff. 😞


Hope you get it sorted soon, I really wanna get my Tanker on again and go stomp skulls =D


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