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Crab Spiders: Wide-Area Web Grenade

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If it all possible, it would be welcome if a slight addition to the Crab Spider VEAT kit could be made. Currently, it has access to the Wide-Area Web Grenade via the Arachnos Soldier, which pulls out a Soldier Gun and fires the grenade. There is no power to use the same ability from the Crab Backpack (as is the case of Venom and Frag grenade: Soldier and Crab share both, but only 1 can be used [Gun/Backpack, respectively]).


Thanks to Venom/Frag grenade, the Crab Spider already has the animations and projectiles to utilize Wide-Area Web Grenade. The base Crabspider Webmaster also has this ability, but for some reason was not translated to the actual player class.


Ultimately, the Crab Spider can use Wide-Area Web Grenade as it stands. This addition just makes its a power for Crab Backpack, and eliminates the need to draw the Soldier Gun (or, the Arachnos Mace from Black Scorpion's patron pool).


Thank you for reading.

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