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Email system broken on one character


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On the Indomitable shard, the email system of my character Scarlet Scalder is broken, and has been for two weeks or so.  I cannot send emails at all.  I can't send them to my own @global, I can't send them to other players--with or without attachments.  Even plain text emails don't work.


At random times (in the middle of missions, while using the AH, etc.), I get the error message in my chat windows:  "Wrong number of parameters gmailxactrequest".  Whenever I try to send an email to anyone (including myself), I get a popup window in center of screen that reads, "There are outstanding pending global email transactions.  Please wait a minute and try again."  I've been waiting for two weeks.  I still can't send emails.


It only affects this one character; the email systems of all of my other alts work normally.

I have checked that Options / General still has in-game emails enabled.

I have revalidated CoH/Tequila.

I have tried transferring the character to another shard in the hopes that it would reset his email (it did not), and transferred him back to Indomitable (it still did not fix it).


I need the character to have functioning email, so I have since mothballed him (vet level 197 or so).  I remade another character with identical AT, power selections, and enh slotting.  I spent about 8M inf on unslotters, removed all his enhs, put them in SG base storage, and slotted them into the new character.  I am currently working on building the new character's incarnates.  Even though I have effectively retired the affected character, it would be nice to solve this mystery and get his email working again.  The GMs and devs on the support tickets I have opened have thus far been unable to determine what the problem is or how to fix it.

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