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Hello Torch,


I have a global channel ULTRA restarted from live that anyone is welcome to join.  If you were a member on freedom you will probably recognize others from live.  The purpose of the channel is for the SG to connect with players across all servers but mainly torch for teaming and running content.  If you would like an invite please contact me in game or message me with your global.  There is no schedule, just pop in and recruit for TFs/Trials or join in on whatever is going on. 


I am usually on every day organizing speedy TF runs and iTrial stacks because that's my fav thing to do in the game. 


Coh is life


GLHF guys!

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@PF?/@PF2? | ULTRA - SG Leader - Freedom | U2BG - FPvPLS1 Champions | OPUS - FPvPL/Test Ladder | becalm - League/Ladder | Steve - CPvPL Champions



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