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Mastermind Alternate Arsenal


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or MAA (Maaaaaa!) as i call it.


a really 'simple' suggestion, i am not sure how possible it is but basically level 1 pools that gives MM's the attacks from another MM set as an option, not watered down less damageing versions just straight up offensive primaries pulled from the other MM sets so that if i wanted i could grab the 'Tactical Carbine' from Mercs for my necromancer because i didn't feel like using dark magic for that character i could. I can see the 'possible abuses' as mostly being people rolling minionless MM's that have a ton of attack powers and to that i say 'so what ?'. i am not sure how much work this would take but dont think theres a lot of room for real abuse and it would lead to a great deal more customization which as i recall is one of the games central pillars.

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