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3v3 PvP Tournament Friday, Oct 9th at 9pm EDT

GM Smol

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3v3 PvP Tournament 


Hosts: GM Smol, Void, Wombo, Daniel 

Where: Indomitable, Pocket D above the monkey cages

Discord: https://discord.gg/2HYfEME Homecoming PvP 

Date/Time: Friday, October 9th at 9pm EDT 


The Basics
• Round based point system - number of rounds dependent on number of signups - ie 8 teams / 6 rounds
• 10 minute match, no sudden death
• Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 point
• Ties in overall standings will be broken by most kills, then least deaths
• Championship match comprised of the 2 teams w/ the most points


Match Settings

• 10 minute round
• T1 Inspirations only
• Only Arena Temp Powers allowed. Non Arena Temp Powers will be disabled. 
• No heal decay
• No travel suppression
• Maps - Caves, Stadium, Outbreak, Cargo, Perez, Graveyard



Team comps must contain 3 different ATs using ONLY 1606's (Defender\Controller\Corruptor\Dominator)
• Blast sets can be the same, buff/debuff powers must be different, ie: no dual\triple Thermals
• Teams can use one Sonic Resonance or one Forcefield, not both.
• All Alignment powers are banned
• Emote animation canceling is banned, Crey Pistol is allowed.
• Alpha only incarnate powers. Other incarnates will need to be un-slotted for the event
• If a player DC's in the first 2 minutes, restart the match. The rematch will play out regardless of further DC's
• No switching characters mid event, you play on the same character you sign up with (multiple builds allowed)


Banned Powers/Sets
• Trick Arrow on all ATs
• Gravity Control for Controllers/Dominators
• Presence pool


Prizes - Influence + Merits 

1st 4.5bil + 3600 merits (1,200ea) + In game Gold Titles
2nd 3bil + 2400 merits (800ea)
3rd 2.1bil + 1650 merits (550ea)
4th 1.8bil + 1200 merits (400ea)
5th 1.5bil + 600 merits (200ea) 
Last 3 respec recipes

5 Raffles - 100 merits each  

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Sign up as a team in this thread with one player posting the following info:


• Global names of 3 players 

• All 3 players AT/Power sets




@Wombo5 - Ice/Kinetic Corruptor

@smallz- Sonic/Sonic Defender

@xhiggy - Illusion/Emp Controller


Sign ups will close at 6pm EDT on Friday, October 9th. You can edit your team up to this date. If you're solo you can post as LFT in this thread with your global and what characters you'll play.

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