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NPC Health bars


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I'm am not sure how to properly word this so I'll just dive right in.  I want to have health bars, like you have for pets or teammates, for certain npcs of my choosing.


The reason for this is that I am the healer for a large group that has a large number of masterminds.  You know how chaotic battle can get with a bunch of masterminds involved.  Now, mix in a rescue mission to that where the health and safety of the npc is tied to the goal of the mission.  If I am healing team members and pets and I lose site of the npc, I need to find them quickly to confirm their health.  In the fog of war, it is hard to find my mouse pointer sometimes, let alone actually clicking on a particular person.  Usually, I use the Pet Window and the Team Window to keep track of the team and to click on their health bar to choose them and heal them.  


Is there some way I can create a window to have a specific npc's name and health in that I can easily click on that will disappear after the particular mission?  Or maybe somehow add their name to the Pet Window?


For any healer that has done the Fusionette missions, you know what I mean.

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