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Assault AT suggestion and cosmetic options

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The idea of the assault AT is a combination of the Masterminds’ pets powersets and the Dominators’ Assault secondary powersets. It functions as a high DPS AT that has some tankemind applications.

Mechanically, the passive ability (which I’ve named overwhelm in my head) is a combination of the brutes and dominators passive. Essentially, the idea is that as the pets deal and take damage a meter will fill. Once the meter is at 90%, the ability can be activated granting double damage and increased aggro for pets for a period of 30 seconds[.

Cosmetic suggestions:

  • Asymmetrical wings
  • Asymmetrical aura, such as different aura's for different eyes, hands etc.
  • Asymmetrical detail 1 option for heads.
  • A secondary detail 1 tab for heads to allow for multiple upper head options: such as multiple horns etc.
  • re-scaled Rularuu's eye (the animated eye from the Rularuu weapon skins) options for chest details, shoulders, belt and head detail 1
  • Third Eye 2 for detail 1 slot - the third eye option but on its side so its vertical. 
  • Detail 1 options for floating heads, animal heads etc.


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