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Character Copy to Beta


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First off, I'm very sorry if this topic has been talked about ad nauseum.


I have tried to transfer 2 of my Live charaters over to the Beta, Brainstorm, server and the character copy tool in the beta forum even tells me that both were successfully copied but I don't see either of them in my character selection screen. The 2 that I have tried to copy, and been told they were, are named Platinum Hero and Gloom Diffusion but I only see the 2 that I created before attempting to transfer (I provided a pic of my character list). 


Should I delete the 2 that I do see or did I break something inadvertently? sorry if I did btw.



Also, neither Brainstorm nor "Transfer Test" servers show me the character I transferred. Transfer Test is totally empty of any character.

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Turn in a support ticket and our team can see what happened.  Include the times of the last transfer you did (visible in the Beta Account Center for the most recent transfers.)


You don't need to delete any of your characters on Beta or Staging.  New ones, even if copies of ones already there, will have a number transposed at the end to allow multiple copies.  You are free to delete any you like, or a server wipe will take care of it before the next beta test, either way.

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