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Wrong Game Version?


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Hi there, havent logged on to homecoming for a long time, wanted to check it out again. I'm getting this notice, 


"wrong game version, run patcher and reconnecr, server 20201006_2439, client 20200628_1602"


Im not really even sure how I got it to work in the first place, I'm on a mac, I use something called Island Rum and I have no idea what a patcher is or how to use island rum to enter the server and client info?


Would love some help if possible! Thanks! 

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  • Game Master

It's simpler than it seems.  Island Rum and HC Launcher are both patchers.  They copy updated files to your system before the game starts.


The error message is a reminder to finish letting the app patch the game before starting it.  Once it says "Ready", you should be good to go.

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