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Morality Mission: Ends Justifies the Means - Bug


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In the level 40-50 Vigilante Morality Mission, "Ends Justifies the Means" when attacking the last mob where Doc Quantum is if you are too efficient and do too much damage or  "arrest" him with too much authority, the mission cannot be completed.   He will go from orange to blue reticule and then keel over, if you don't finish the talk prompt before his body disappears the glowie does not trigger and the mission will not complete.  I had it happened twice and then the third time I made sure to be gentle with the little lamb.  Then it followed the normal prompts and completed.  Seeing as he was bragging he wasn't there but was a hologram - I'm pretty sure he shouldn't fall over in front of Ghost Widow.  That's just embarrassing.


Probably a Nemesis Plot.


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correct spellling ' doh!
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