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Ultimum Imperium(Helios Drachenys Story)


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OOC stuff:

Name: Helios Drachenys

Current Age: 20ish 

Affiliation: Powers division

Alignment: Rogue

Powers: Necromancy/ Time (but he has multiple versions of himself with different powersets)


Personality: Helios is power hungry but loyal, he believes that all debts must be paid so he repays loyalty with loyalty and treachery with death, he enjoys experimenting with magic (which he calls magiks to differentiate it from the random powers and parlour tricks you can see around), he tends to be cold and dont use many words unless its to talk about magic and he is always up for benefits, be it power, money or rare magical stuff, he doesn`t enjoy being the center of attention as an introvert and will mainly group up with other when there is something to be gained or a debt to be repaid.


Inspiration: I use him a lot on PnP, he was a really good Mage the Ascencion Hermetic order character for many years, but currently he mostly make appearances in DnD 5e (my group is old now and dont want overcomplicated systems :D) , normaly as a Conquest Paladin, or Hexblade or Draconic Sorcerer (or all of those if the mood strikes and DM allows)



The idea is to go filling his bio as he goes thru the Arcs in praetoria and beyond, walk up RPs with him are welcome and so are invites for parties and other helps, he is still sort of a concept and blank slate so how he evolves will depend more on his interactions with the world.








A vita ad mortem (From life to Death)


Ahhh, life, nothing like growing up and enjoying each of the moments it provides, from childhood games, the loves of youth, the conquests of adult life and the peace of old age, a complete cycle desired by each and every human being common.

That was how Helios lived his life, born in the 1940s, after a great war and with the incredible gift of commonality, like most humans, Helios never thought that his world would be almost completely devastated.

His childhood and adolescence were common, a loving family, a school, friends and hidden and platonic loves, his life was not perfect, but it was cozy, that was until he was about 20 years old.


Terra Devoratrix (Earth that Devours)


It all started as rumors, horrendous creatures that emerged from the earth and attacked humans, entities that seemed to be made of the world around them, plants created lives and many theories that those entities were only there to clean mother earth from the virus that were the humans which had spread across Earth.


An unprecedented war where little could be done, nuclear fire painted the skies, destroyed the earth and stained the waters, but still nothing proved effective, only the intervention of Emperor Cole and his Praetors managed to stagnate and create a safe environment for humanity to take refuge.


And it was in the middle of this refuge that Helios and his family developed, Helios ended up becoming a scout during the height of the Hamidon war and in one of his missions to find supplies he came across a person's corpse, but different from normal the exposed bones of that person were white and pale, almost as if made of quartz or some other crystal and emanated a very strong golden aura, his injuries did not appear to have been caused by the devouring Earth but by fists and next to his body, a diary.


Magister Magus


A diary containing the experiences of that man, Riei Arkanus, a powerful magus from another universe and with dimensional theories that seemed like fiction, even in a world where people with superpowers walked everywhere, the more Helios studied the more fascinated diary, necromancy, demonology, elementalism, shamanism, entropism, different schools of magic all introduced there in that diary that although thin, seemed to have no end, but among the schools that Riei had studied, one stood out in the sphere of dimensional magic.


Riei was not an ordinary Magus, his objective went beyond the traditional eternal life, his main hypothesis involved some steps, first, to alter his soul inherently, making his multiple copies in multiple realities all, awaken to magic at some point and in a second moment, to allow all souls and powers to condense themselves into a single persona, in this way he could “suddenly” acquire mastery over several types of powers at the same time.


Cole, however, upon discovering this intruder in his world, ended up chasing and annihilating the magus who managed to escape to Hamidon's territory where he ended up dying and leaving his legacy behind.


The plan was sensible and had basically almost ended, Riei had already prepared everything to "awaken" his copies to magic and needed a last resort, a "drop from the well", which according to the diary, was diluted in it to allow their channeling.


One thing Riei however forgot to mention in the diary, is that magic is never free, a wish will always be fulfilled for a price and while Helios performed the ritual to awaken their souls and unite them, his house was surrounded by Praetors, his family wiped out the last thing the now adult Helios could see was a burst of energy piercing his chest.


A morte in vitam (From death to life)


Souls awoke, consciousness came together, but not in the expected way, Helios was thrown into the cycle of reincarnation, his new soul strengthened to the point of allowing him to retain all of his magical knowledge throughout life but only with fragments of his memories. In past lives, his personality has become cold and ambitious, wanting to perfect magic and recover his experiences, but none of this has been very successful.


Their lives have been many since then, their cycle of reincarnation disrespects the flow of time and because of that, Helios has gone through different dimensions in different ages, learned different arcane models, managing to execute them without many difficulties. . . . but never at the same time, even your body can handle only a few spheres of magic simultaneously.


Finally reborn in Nova Praetoria as a member of the division of powers, Helios, with the few fragments of memory that he has from his first life, knows that he needs to acquire enough power to protect himself but without drawing the attention of his enemies and for that, he intends to use Cole's own system as a springboard, starting with that idiot. . . "Praetor White".


Chapter 1





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