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Primary/secondary combo picks (SM,RM, SJ / Invuln, SR, EA)


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Making three stalkers.  What lines up best with what?

My KM/SD Stalker is the most fun I have ever had in this game.  (I left when stalkers when still bad.)



Savage Melee, Radiation Melee, Street Justice


Invulnerability, Super Reflexes, Energy Aura


First blush:

Savage / Invuln.  DOT's and limited mitigation (No KD/Stun),  seem like more a fit for invuln's crazy toughness, and Savage doesn't seem to need the bonus + recharge out of a secondary as much as the others do.

Street Justice / Energy Aura & Radiation Melee/Super Reflexes.  Boils down to one of these primaries has a heal, and one secondary has a heal.  No need to double up on one and leave the other out in the cold.




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