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Bug, Mids description of Shred - Savage Melee


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Not sure if this has been reported but the description of Shred in Mids does not match the game description.  I could not cut and paste the description out of Mids so I have attached a screen snip.  Here is the game description:
"You rapidly slash at your foes several times causing a moderate amount of damage to all enemies in front of you and reduce their defense. Shred also causes minor lethal damage over time. This power grants 1 stack of Blood Frenzy. Damage: Moderate, Minor DoT, Recharge: Moderate"

Contrary to the Mids description, Shred does not consume stacks of Blood Frenzy.

This is for Tankers

v2.7.2.10 (Database Issue: 27, Version: 20.1127)

Mids Shred Description.JPG

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