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Universal Guardians RP LoSH type SG

Phantom Mouse

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((IC)) Mallock Tasmin has been assigned by the Universal Guardians to protect Earth.  While he was at first upset by the assignment, he discovered the Earth was indeed in need of protecting.  


While he has tried to go it alone, he has increasingly seen the need for others to combat evil with him.  To that end he has decided to form a Earth based division of the Universal Guardians.  While they may not be official in the eyes of the truly universal branch of the Universal Guardians, perhaps in time that could change. 


((OOC)) I'm forming a Legion of Superheroes style SG for RP.  While many may be from Earth, I'm hoping for homages of the comic book style aliens as well.  Night Lad, (Mallock Tasmin)) is just such a character, being a homage to Shadow Lass, including have her first and last name swapped, and then his first name altered to make it more of a first name. 




The costume for the "typical" LoSH member is Diamond Blend top with Briefs (of the same color as the Blend section).  The boots and gloves should be the same color as the Blend.  Instead of a flight ring, we're using a flight clasp, which means that unless you can somehow fly of your own accord you'll need some form of non-high-collar cape with a broach.


For the non-human looking (like Mallock) there are image inducers (purely RP) to produce a human appearance to be able to allow for easier downtime.


Like the Legion themselves, alterations of the standard costume, like cape size, glove and boot types, etc can be altered to better fit the character look.  Possibly even abandoning the costume is possible, look at Timber Wolf and Ultra Boy for instance, they don't wear the standard costume, but the resulting costume should still fit the "Silver Age" theme.

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