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New Fire Farms #34134 and #34266


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I have two fire farms that are all but finished.  All fire damage, no Elite Bosses, and no patrols.  They are safe for sitters once you clear the entry, but the mobs all have increased PER to make them easier to herd.  So any sitters should take care when sightseeing.


First: All Hipsters Must Burn #34134


"These vaping idiots say Paragon City can't tax their BitCoins. Not only does this ruin our revenues, but they shut down the pool halls and community centers to make room for coffee houses, vape shops and second-hand appliance stores. We think someone tampered with the latest shipment of American Spirits, because the hipsters started rioting and tearing the place apart!


Please give them a hand-crafted, locally sourced, artisanal beating."


This is a giant map (Dreck).


Second: What No One Expects . . . #34266


  "The city is fine with "faith-based" initiatives, but we figured there'd be some chaplains and church vans. Nobody could have expected . . . this."

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