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Chat Context Menu Hotkeys not Functioning


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If I click a person's name in a chat channel and press M for "Send <Name> Message" the command line does not fill in their name, but if I click on the "Send <Name> Message" menu item it fills in properly.  This seems to have started when Issue 27 went live.  It also appears to do the same thing on "Send <Name>'s Team Leader Message" and all the other commands that have a hotkey associated with them.





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This behavior is still in the game as of 12/31/2021.  Click a name in a chat window and press the letter associated with the function you want and it doesn't appear to pass anything to the command.  Another example is if I click my name in a global channel and click Get Local Name it comes back with the name of the character I'm on, but if I click my global name and press G it spits back...



Usage:get_local_name takes 1 args, you gave 0. 
Get Server / Local Character name from globalname
get_local_name <string>



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