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Build Help Request: SD/MA or SD/SJ?


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I'm new to the game and so far all the guides I found were for people who already know something. I haven't found any guides for those ho have no clue to what they're doing (hi there).


So I want to create a Captain America type, and I'm not sure the powersets that best fit that description.


Would it be SD/MA, SD/SJ or some other?


Any helpful tips on how to build this character as I level up?


I'd appreciate any help on this.



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@Jack_nomind. Thanks. I saw your build. To be honest I'll go with that if I don't find anything else.


I'm just not sure if MA would be a better fit for a Cap type hero than Street Justice. I found a SD/SJ build but I kind of liked yours better.


I was using Mids hero planner, but I can't make head from toes in there.

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