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Skin options for device/traps


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Adding optional skins for the devices (blaster) /traps (defender, corrupter, etc) that would allow players the option to better fit these powers with other origins, such as magic, nature, etc. 

Such examples could include...

Lanterns, crystals, sprites, or birds for targeting drones; runestones and/or magic runes for landmines; demons, tomes, or fairies for drones; crystals, seedpods, etc for grenades. Many of these skins already exist in game and should be fairly easy to implement.


These options can also be added to the medicine power pool, for example, runestones, crystals, small books (magic or divine healing).


This is just a small fraction of options that could be easlily implemented for these sets that may radically enhance their enjoyment. I'm fairly certain that many of you can come up with far more options than I have presented here  and I highly encourage you to do so.


To the homecoming developers, you have all done such a fantastic job already and I would really appreciate seeing options such as these implemented in an upcoming patch as soon as you'd be able. Thank you again for the wonderful job you have done so far. 

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