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Solo LGTF on blaster +4x8


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Solo LGTF +4 x8   on blaster

Lvl 50  ice/ice/mace blaster   all T4    Frost Heroine

No dual boxing.

I had previously soloed LGTF on Frost Heroine at lowest setting. On March 20, 2021 I completed the Task Force at +4 x8.


Mission 1 (save Penny Yin):  Rescue her then let her get defeated. Mission completes.

Mission 2 (Defeat the Riders):  Fighting one or two at a time at +4 not bad. Harder to fight group of three or four at once on Blaster. Fortunately they can be pulled so you can fight one at a time.

Mission 3 (Rescue captives): Free Infernia and Glacia, then let them be defeated.   Mission completes.

Mission 4 (Defeat weakened Hami): At +4 solo this took a while to figure out.  When going into cytoplasm you get mezzed and hit with un-typed damage and toxic (from greens).

For toxic resist: used orange inspiration, toxic resist from Scorpion shield, and 5% base buff.

Mez: Clarion and breakfrees.

Yellow mitos: use melee

Blue mitos: use ranged.

Green mitos: Must hold them to drop their shields.  I had 3 single target holds each with lockdown chance +2 mag hold. It took about nine hits for shield to drop and it only stayed down 5-6 seconds.  Needed Red inspirations and BU/aim up to max damage when shield dropped.


Hami: roadblock here bigtime. I had been pulling Ritki in soup like people do before doing pylons.  Hami kills the ritki you pull in. Then down the pylons, summon pets and attack. EOE’s used.  Got hami to 50% once but some pets don’t attack hami even if nearby (Shivans,  radio bu).  I guess cause +4 aggro difference.  Hami eventually targets my blaster and doesn’t stop til im dead. 



I discovered thru trial and error the trick here is take down pylons from range first. If careful Ritki wont aggro and will stay in place.  Then pull the Ritki in cytoplasm, they will attack hami and do damage. Six full groups of ritki alone take hami down to 5%, my blaster did the rest.  Also what helps is when mitos are gone you can heal yourself in cytoplasm.

Mission Complete

Mission 5 (defeat Honoree):   The 1st AV easy with summoned pets. The Honoree was tougher. He had resists and used unstoppable. I had to optimize temporary pets and super team inspiration.  Went with BP T4 for –res and cold damage. Vanguard heavy and RV Heavy.


Thanks all!


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