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Frequently Asked Questions for Help & Support:


I need to reset my game passwor--


Go here.


...but I forgot my old one.  I need my game password reset.


Nope.  Seriously, go here.


If you are able to login and post on the forums, you can reset your game password by yourself at any time.  Your old game password is not needed to reset it.  Just head to the Game Account Center and change it.  (This is why it is especially important to protect your forum account email address and password.  If those are compromised, you can count on your game account being lost as well.)


But I can't log into the forums, though.


Okay, NOW you need a password reset.  Go to the forum login here, then click "Forgot Your Password."  Enter your email address that is connected to your game account and a password reset link will be sent to you. 

More reading here:


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