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More NPC costume parts?


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One thing I always liked about Paragon Chat was how many NPC costume parts we could play with, even the Sybil robes, and other miscellaneous things. Currently on Homecoming, several of my female characters are rocking variations on Candy Labeaux's costume, and I've been loving the extra Circle of Thorns parts that we clamored for, but never got on live server.

That said, I've got a few suggestions:
-First, can we get the version of Candy Labeaux's belt that includes the loincloth aprons, or at least the front apron?
-Spirit Stalkers parts- headpieces and loincloths in particular. There's lots of cool ways these pieces could be mixed and matched.
-Arachnoid loincloths- again, these could be fun to mix and match with other parts.


Rikti capes- If I had these, I might never use the regular scarf cape again.

rything  these two are wearing:


This skirt right here:

-This last one is a stretch, but Sybil robes, perhaps? Even just the basic ones worn by the regular sybils would be fun to play with.

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